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Begins with an initial meeting to discuss your custom home. Here we will focus on exploring the options within your budget and getting a better understanding of what your priorities for your project will be. If you're coming to us with plans in hand, we will review those plans, making sure every detail has been thoroughly thought through. If you don't have plans, we can guide you step by step through the process of creating and obtaining architectural plans for your new home, utilizing our in-house architects and interior designers. We want to hear about all your ideas and dreams, in order to get well acquainted with your vision. So we can make those dreams a reality! 


This next stage finds us finalizing ideas and really zeroing in on what all your project will encompass. Budgets and design choices are settling in. It's during this time that plans are often revised to reflect moments of inspiration that have happened as we've been collaborating over your dreams and ideas. However, there will always be room to adjust the project at most any stage of the building process.

Once plans and pricing have been decided upon and approved, the next step is to sign a purchase agreement and place a down payment. Any financing will be decided upon and closed here. Then the finalized plans will head off for permitting and we will begin arranging your personalized construction schedule.

Our process for renovating your home in Brevard County Florida
Our process for building your home addition in Brevard County Florida
Best custom homes in Brevard County

Next is the construction phase, where clients are so often thrilled as they begin to see their project surpass their expectations. It's always exciting watching all the design and preparation become a reality. From clearing the land and pouring the foundation through to applying the final touches, SCC will be there every step of the way ensuring the building process moves smoothly and error-free.

Our process for building homes in central Florida

Finally the closing; the part we've all been waiting for! All the dreaming and planning is complete and you're able to begin to enjoy your new custom home, addition or renovation. We are confident you will be so thoroughly pleased with your project in every way that we stand behind our product with an all-encompassing one year warranty.

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